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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  October 19, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm EST

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price to pay, a judge hands down sentences for the three men continue vicked convicted in the murder of a former councilman. what one defendant said to the court after learning his punishment. hello everyone i'm vic carter >> and i'm denise koch. >> reporter: the men found guilty of murdering officer harris were sent to prison tonight. >> reporter: city councilman ken harris murdered september 20th 2008 shot in the back after he interrupted a robbery in progress at the haven lounge and tried to make a run for it. this surveillance video from inside the haven lounge was part of the evidence showing the robbery in progress. a jury agreed these three men took part of the crime. a judge sentenced jerome williams and 22-year-old charles mcganney to life plus two years.
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gary collin was sentenced to 65 years in prison, 15 with no parol. prosecutors confident all three men will spend decade locked up. >> absolutely we were happy with the sentences that were imposed. >> reporter: collins was the only defendant who spoke to the judge and said, i just hope i can get back into that girl's life and be the father i can be. >> i told him it was very brave for him to say something afterward. because that's always a slippery slope. but he was genuine and heartfelt and he was a brave guy today. >> the defendant's friends and family waved and shouted messages of support as they were driven away from the courthouse for the final time. harris's widow, mother and sister did not want to talk to the media after court. but during court, they told the judge of the pain they've had
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to go through this event. traumatic video of a crash. take a look from sky high tracker. the truck ended up on top of a car. it happened on the intersection of gum spring road near white marsh. one person was taken to the hospital. a mother and her son die in a horrific crash. tonight that crash and dozens more are prompting change. wjz is live, kelly mcpherson explains what's being done. >> reporter: people have been killed and seriously injured on the bellaire bypass. mostly it happens when the -- >> killing katie brady and 8- year-old will. her husband and other son
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survive. >> we lived life to the fullest up to that point. like my family is getting the call, my heartbreaks for that moment. >> reporter: two years later, the state highway administration is making plans to put up jersey walls at the bypass. the family is still struggling to recover in another accident 14 years ago. they join many other concerned drivers, including donna stiffler who we spoke to in 2003. >> we went to the state and said, we need dividers. we need protection. it is so easy for you know somebody to drift or anything and the other people to be hit. >> reporter: the barriers are finally coming. the project will cost $3.4 million. it'll be along a 2-mile stretch
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here across the bypass where oncoming traffic is only separated by a yellow line. >> he wasn't intoxicated, distracted, anything it is just something that could happen to anybody. i'm exstatic. i don't want anyone to have to endure what i have had to and my family. >> reporter: the project is still in its design phase and construction should start next summer. reporting live, kelly mcpherson, wjz eyewitness news. thank you very much kelly. now the state highway administration says that in the last year other improvements have been made including rumble strips and installing mandatory head light use. a huge bust in hartford county. inside they found thousands of dollars worth of crystal meth.
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they also seized a grenade launcher and rifles. -- it was too late for 60- year-old keith douden. 70-year-old helen logan is being treated at a local hospital. down to the wire, two weeks left before election day and the race for maryland's next governor is heating up. tonight political reporter pat warren reveals the results of a new poll and what the candidates are saying about it. >> reporter: a whopping 43 points ahead of the number two concern education. with that in mind, 47% say they'd vote for incumbent o' malley if the election were held today. 42% would vote for ehrlich. gonzalez research indicates that 8% is not enough to land him the state house. the remaining 10% of voters are either voting for a third party
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candidate or haven't decided on a governor yet. >> any surprises on the polls as far as you're concerned. >> not really. what we're focused on vic is election day. early voting starts saturday, then supersaturday. >> reporter: prior to this debate, the heat of the polls had been broken. a washington postpoll had o' malley with an 11 point lead. then while a win is a win is a win the ehrlich campaign points out, the margin is closing. >> you see money coming in, you see the endorsements accumulating. so we like where we are right now. >> the key for both campaign is to increase momentum. >> i believe the excitement is there. >> not just republicans but independents and cross over
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democrats can't wait to vote. >> reporter: former governor ehrlich received the endorsement of police today. former president clinton rallies for o' malley later this week. back to you. >> stay with wjz for race updates and the latest information log on to it is the race that the world is watching throughout the nation. now christine o' donnell is causing more buzz for a stumble during today's debate. >> you're telling me that the separation of church and state is found in the first amendment. that's in the first amendment. >> o' donnell is falling behind chris coons. she dealt with concerns about her knowledge of how the
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government works. the game is about to change. tonight the nfl is cracking down on helmet to helmet hits. the players now face serious punishment. >> reporter: opinions are mixed over whether this new policy will help protect players or it'll hurt the game. the nfl is always physical and at times frightingly violent. like this hit sunday on philadelphia teshon jackson. after several crushing blows last sunday, on tuesday, the nfl brass announced the league will start suspending players for dangerous hits that can cause concussions and sometimes worse. >> there's several concerns with the direct helmet to helmet hit. the first major concern we had two examples this past weekend. that is a cervical neck fracture. >> if you break the rules you're going to be held accountable. so know the rules, abide by the rules, do it right because if
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you don't you might hurt your team by spending time on the bench rather than the field. >> injuries are actually happening and they are stopping that then why not. >> reporter: the ravens played the patriots on sunday, keith took a hit. the player was penalized, keith was okay. >> actually i was a little bit extensive. >> that's what my job tells me to do. so now there has to be a clean barrier between there so people aren't getting fined for just playing football. >> reporter: in the past players were either fined or ejected for illegal hits. but this new action by the nfl is a real game changer. >> when you become a repeat offender trying to hurt guy, i'm not saying he is. i'm just saying generally speaking that's something that we need to be addressed probably with suspensions. probably before that. >> reporter: the nfl says if
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the new policy is violated, suspensions will start following this week's game. shaub says in the past if you fined a guy $15,000 you get the attention of the league. now with a suspension, you get that players suspension. well the ravens are back at home sunday, back on wjz as they host the buffalo bills. see the became live right here on wjz13 -- see the game live right here on wjz13. the vatican has nothing but love for homer simpson. the religious praise for the icon. and clarence thomas' wife is asking hill for an apology. left for dead, investigators try to figure out why two police officers called a funeral home instead of an ambulance when an 89-year-old here was still alive.
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i'm mike schue the story coming up. will your morning drive be a wet one? i'm bob turk, i'll have your complete forewarning forecast, coming up. ,,,,,,
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>> it is 47 degrees mainly clear in central maryland. right now the complete forecast weather is coming up but first,
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shots were fired at the pentagon. officers report hearing five to seven shots around 5:00 this morning. security at the defense department is calling it a random event and no arrests have been made. investigators are looking to a connection at the bullet holes at the museum. late tonight, the government's effort to halt the measure was revoked. today's decision means that they will accept recruiters but will not ask about the person's
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sexual preference. jenny thomas message was left on hill's voice mail. hill says she stand by her the statement. mistaken for dead, a second investigation is under way into the anne arundel county woman declared dead when she was still alive. she was found in her home. mike schu has more on where the case went wrong. >> reporter: from the first of the month, neighbors thought something was wrong with ruth's house. they called police. >> they found an open door, the door unlocked. they went in. >> reporter: in the police report, the officers write that they smelled a decomposition smell and they that found -- and that they found johnson laying in her bathroom so they assumed she was dead. but a pulse was never take. a state worker was called to
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collect the body as she donated it to science. >> at the time we got there, the person still had signs of life. >> reporter: she told the man she thought she was in the sofa. emts were called. she was rushed to the hospital but died this past weekend. >> i have not known it to happen, not from my time here and i also was raised in a funeral home, funeral service background and i've never experienced anything like this. >> reporter: police are trained not to touch bodies as part of evidence. >> they need to render medical assistance, basically means any contact paramedics. >> reporter: and the paramedics have these guidelines which would have included touching the victim to try to find a pulse. from downtown, mike schu, back to you now on tv hill.
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>> it may take internal affairs up to a month and a half to investigate the findings. the sexy russian spy who was arrested and deported from the united states, diana chapman is posing. chapman is wearing lingerie and carrying a gun. the vatican is honoring homer simpson for being catholic. the producer of the cartoon was
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surprised. he says the family attends the first church which is lutheranpresbiterian. and a little fog on the ground. 96% humidity with no wind at all reported at vri marshall. the bankroll the barometer has been rising. west maryland could see a little frost in the morning.
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56 in washington, 59 up in elkton. the dewpoint quite high right now. very light winds, most of the region not seeing any wind at all. there is that frost advisory for washington county west and some of those neighboring counties in west virginia and pennsylvania. a batch of low pressure that's starting to create some rain down here in oklahoma and southern missouri is moving slowly into the tennessee valley now. a little bit of rain showing up here. some in the clouds across virginia. during the overnight the clouds will be building in the morning for a few hours, we have a chance from baltimore north through southern pennsylvania of a little bit of light, rain and drizzle. most of it will be falling from the baltimore, annapolis area south. particularly through southern maryland, a low issue shore could see a half inch of rain
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as that low moves off rather quickly. we will get on to another front on thursday night and friday. much cool er air moving in. the bay temps, still in the low 60s. next five days, 62 maybe a little rain early. 66 on thursday, 59 clearing out and cool night 32 friday night. 66 and 69 partly cloudy skies for sunday. looks like a nice weekend, denise. >> again, thank you bob. coming up, the ravens look ahead to their next opponent. ahead to their next opponent. >> it[ male announcer ] need a better way to save for the things you want?
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well after a day of debate and discussion about hard and hefty fines in the nfl, the
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ravens return to the field, it will seem the ravens are getting a break in the schedule. buffalo is pretty bad but the bills have gotten an extra week of rest. the ravens look at this buffalo team as a thunder herd. >> we're going to be playing a very determined buffalo bills team. a team that has a lot of talent and is very well coach and has a lot to play for. we'll get the best buffalo bills team to date. and there's no question about that. so, but it's a game we need to win. >> and ravens safety ed reed is expected to practice for the first time this season. he's eligible after spending the first six games on the physically unable to perform list recovering from offseason hip surgery. it is unknown if he will be in uniform on sunday. the ravens are heavily preferred to win sunday. a couple of upsets are brewing in the baseball play offs. both of the defending league
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champs are trailing in the representative championship series. in new york yankees are in danger of falling again. they trail texas. in the national league, the san francisco giants brought out barry bonds to a big cheer before taking on philadelphia. game three of that series and giants pitcher matt cain continues. cain throws seven shut out innings, allowed three hits and struck out five. the phillies gave him extra. freddy sanchez hits one to utley. he can't make the play. that scores the giants third run. philly faltering, they lose 3- 0. the giants take a series league. the washington caps playing at boston, bruins on the attack. boston made quick work of this
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one. the second by luchich. boston beats the caps 3-1. washington's ovechkin held without a point for the first time. and serena williams will end her year due to an injury. serena had surgery on a tendon in her right foot yesterday. the williams sisters will be back strong next year for sure. on the lose. on the lose. >> a 300-pound chimp wherer,,,,,
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bob ehrlich says he wants to fix maryland. but he increased state spending by record amounts. ehrlich raised $3 billion in taxes and fees... including property taxes... and a 40% increase in college tuition. and now he's made over $1 billion in new promises... with no plans to pay for them... except for cutting education. cuts that will lay off teachers and increase class sizes. that's not a budget. and bob ehrlich's not the kind of leader... we can trust.
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police in kansas city has a deal with some commercial business. this video shows it jumping up and down on a police car, the
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primate escaped from his backyard home. went rolling into the neighborhood. his owner finally coaxed him into his cage. the police then sited his owner. this is pie a 12 -week-old rare sumatran tiger. his mother abandoned him. he was raised by zoo keepers. he will now be living in a tiger attraction in order to tiger attraction in order to interact with imagine denying a pregnant woman the choice of health care providers. only one senator voted with big insurance over pregnant women: andy harris. protecting our bay? harris was the only one to vote against cleaning up toxic waste sites. he always sides with the polluters, one of the worst environmental records in the senate. and harris was the only one to vote against extending education for special needs kids. no wonder his republican colleagues think he's too extreme. we can't afford his extreme ideas.
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every time i go to the grocery store, i pay a little more. college tuition in maryland is going up. my utilities are going up... but o'malley would raise our taxes even more. jobs are leaving our state. will my daughters find jobs here? frankly, in this economy... i have no more to give. bob ehrlich -- he won't tax us like we're rich. he'll say no to things we can't afford -- just like we do at home. bob ehrlich -- because we can do better. ♪
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